Jazmine Bunch & Landon Bost

Jazmine Bunch & Landon Bost

We're super excited to share this conversation with you! It's with two very special guests whom we've been lucky enough to work with and who are very near and dear to us. Introducing multimedia storyteller, Jazmine Bunch and Post In Black editor, Landon Bost.

This discussion, “In The Editor's Chair: Perspectives from Rising Stars Behind the Lens,” was a panel at this year's Hayti Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina. Hayti Film Festival is a celebration of Black creatives. It's a yearly festival that features screenings, workshops and panels that amplify and celebrate Black creatives and film.

This is truly a great episode, especially for aspiring creators of color in that we get to learn more about what led Jazmine and Landon into the world of post-production and what the journey has been like for two North Carolina natives. We get to shout out mentors and talk about what it means to start in this industry while being based, geographically, far from Los Angeles, California.

Jazmine Bunch is a creative jazz-of-all trades from Ahoskie, NC, residing in Atlanta, GA, with creative roots in video editing, writing, producing, and spoken word. Bunch has worked for Warner Bros. Discovery and is a published author. Landon T. Bost is an award-winning editor and filmmaker from Harrisburg, NC, whose past clients range from local filmmakers to a Hollywood show runner and Michigan State University. Bost is also an alum of the Handy Foundation Assistant Editor Training Program.

Everybody is talking about AI these days but what does that mean in an industry of creatives? Both guests share their unique perspectives and much more. Whether or not AI has a sustainable role in the film and television space, we're sure that Jazmine and Landon do, and we're so excited to see what's next for them.